SAWHA Virtual AGM – April 14 @ 7:00 pm

Team Representatives, check your email for the Zoom meeting invite or email if you did not receive an email invite

Meeting Agenda

2021 SAWHA Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda

Options 3 teams (teams that opted not to participate in the 2020/21 Season) we invite you to attend the AGM as there will be important information shared regarding the 2021/22 season, however, as you are not SAWHA members you are not eligible to vote on motions or participate in the election of the Board of Directors.

Board Elections and Call for Volunteers
There are a number of positions up for election this year. If you are interested in any of these positions please see the position descriptions or email for additional details.

  • President 
    • Nominations to date: Susan Beirnes is seeking re-election
  • Director of Registration and Administration
    • Nominations to date: Alyssa Mah is seeking re-election
  • Director of Communication
    • Nominations to date: Incumbent not seeking re-election
  • Director of Discipline
    • Nominations to date: Mandy Runcie is seeking re-election
  • Director of Finance
    • Nominations to date: Joanne Powell seeking re-election
  • Director of Scheduling
    • Nominations to date: Kelly Matthews is seeking re-election

Call for Volunteers, please ask your teammates if they are willing to step up to volunteer for the following:

  • Gamesheet Checkers: Review gamesheets to ensure the data has been entered properly into the gamesheet system.
  • Schedule Helpers: Assist in the development of the league schedule, including reviewing draft versions of the schedule for errors